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Strategic Planning is Realistic Thinking

At the end of the day we need the strategy,  collaboration, and the best ideas  possible to succeed. The dynamics of a successful family business require valuing and assessing input from all of the  stakeholders. Our business systems respect  and acknowledge what has worked, but  at the same time need  to imagine and accomplish  what is possible.

Strategic plans combine these options and represent  detailed  analyses of the past and  a unified vision of the future. These principles  serve as structural  guidelines to lead to continue success.

The strategic plans must be action oriented, not only  be developed but also implemented. There will be disagreement as everyone voices their concerns. Step by step, we will be challenged and achieve  of buy-in. We will work systematically through the conflicts. Implementing our training programs, from these crises will emerge opportunities  for  understanding,  encouragement,  support and engagement from  the key players.

Remember unlike most other firms, our family business mediation systems work and they are guaranteed or your money back. That is the best business strategy that we can think of.

Family business succession planning

Time is Money, People Are Family

You can have a successful business or you can have a happy life. You and your family can and should be able to have both.

Balancing improved communication and resolving conflicts, allows  families to move forward with  a realistic outlines and current plans for  the company, for the family generations, and for the future.

Our  personal, professional strategic planning and conflict resolution techniques systematically resolve family and business problems or your money back.

Our realistic resolution  plans allow you and your business to focus on the real work of making your company and your family  more successful.


Difficult Questions Structured Solutions

Family Business mediation requires results. Family businesses are complex entities that need realistic  proven solutions to advance.

Unlike other businesses, the  personal and professional components must be fully integrated in order to assure the long term success of  the family and business.

Difficult differences and serious conflicts must be clearly identified, specifically addressed, and really resolved.

There are no easy answers to family issues that have been ongoing for years. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

We will address and identify every important issue. Consulting with you and your family members, we will be transparent and  keep everyone  apprised of the processes. We will devise  and implement specific resolution plans for you and your family and guarantee our work.



Doing what it takes. Doing it right now.

Some of the issues that our clients face relate to agreed strategic direction, control, transition, money, and power. These are  issues that every business encounters, but in a family business it is more intense and personal.

We develop efficient structures and controls  through our Best Ideas Win techniques and our proprietary business direct approach. Real advancement is made by how  you deal with these concerns in a very specialized business structure of as family business. The personal and professional pressures are issues that have to be dealt to promote positive real world consequences for both the business, siblings, relatives, and the separate and distinct family members.

Real Time Resolution

We will quickly meet with all family members to discuss and refine the realities concerning the past, present, and the future. Together we determine how these aspects can be put to the most productive use for the family business.

Not everyone has the same personalities or skill sets. As a result, some discussions can  be private  to address confidential concerns with a family and generations.

At other times, they will be in a group sessions whereby both business and family  issues may need to be raised, discussed and resolved. We will provide  a structured advanced environment for effective information and idea exchanges for  the good of the family and the business.


Next Steps...

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