100% money back, period.

A MoneyBack Guarantee to assure your satisfaction. Like  no other family business mediation firms. Like no other mediation firms. Like no other law firms. Like no other consulting firms.

Because we are a family business too, we want assurances and we value real peace, prosperity and progress.

We stand behind our work 100%.

Our professional services guarantee is modeled after  our client, Costco in the retail sector.

Our philosophy, clear, direct and transparent,- no strings attached.

Family Business Mediation Services  are the industry leaders with local mediation offices in every state. We  provide business direct hands on, in-person, resolution services for you, your family and your business.

We also provide continual telephone, computerized, texting and email support. Our guarantee and our results separate us from most other businesses. We provide the  quality, service and the resolution plan. They are the basic metrics for measuring success both professionally and personally.

In the family business service industry,  we created and are the  leaders in offering a 100% money back guarantee.

We model our professional services after one of our clients, Costco, which offers the same type of guarantee for products. Family Business Mediation Services are the undisputed industry leaders   in the professional service industry as your cost effective quality resource.

After 3 sessions or 8 hours, if  you are not satisfied that  we have achieved achieving positive  results through our family business systems, we offer a full refund.

This a testament to our belief that ourselves and our programs have been thoroughly tested.  They have been developed  through decades successful family business strategic succession planning and conflict resolution to give you and your the best results possible.