Communication and conflict resolution are our areas of expertise and the keys to the success of  every successful family  business.

Effective family business mediators  will deal with all of the family challenges and  business issues, no matter how difficult. As mediation professionals we are professionally trained and personality suited to deal with the most difficult personal and professional circumstances. These traits and experiences are  even more essential in family businesses when you have been working and living together side by side for years.

Family members know each other well, in many cases, sometimes too well. Their  conflicts are a normal part of life. They can be compounded unnecessarily when you have a long personal and professional history.

We directly  address and resolve the issues that matter from a neutral perspective, without taking sides, but focusing on the best ideas.

Realistically resolving family conflicts and not glossing over them or tolerating negative interactions  allows your company to systematically move forward in this fast changing world.

Business mediation requires results. Family businesses are complex entities that need realistic  proven solutions to advance.




As the marketplace and the world are rapidly changing, so too is your business. Family businesses must  meet the demands of testing  present day realities and clearly  detail  future projections .  We  need to plan for both the here and now and what to do next.

As family businesses develop over time, there needs to be a advisory options for decision making, recognition of existing circumstances, and transition plans for the generations.

It must integrate other family members and management staff into a cohesive force that respects older family members and develops younger ones. The plan must  provide a clear path for rising generations to work with older generations and effectively manage, maintain and grow the company. It may take  different or new perspectives but the older generation must  be  utilized in the most effective manner.




We offer a free initial introductory consultation and local offices all across America. If you are not completely satisfied after 3 sessions or 8 hours you are entitled to your money back 100% Guaranteed.  We are a very well established resolution company, the industry leader with certified and degreed mediators, 30+ years in business.

We address essential business priorities and family direct interactions first. We specialize in serious family business conflicts. There are no easy way out. It can be very challenging, very hard and intense work, but our services are guaranteed.

Like our client Costco, in the retail sector, we are the cost effective industry guarantee leader in this specialized family business mediation field.  You decide if you are satisfied. If you are interested please call 1.877.877.2111 or email  mediation@familybusinessmediation.com
Satisfaction guaranteed,- no questions asked.


How Family Business Mediation Works.

Every company has serious challenges. Every family has issues and conflicts. Unlike most mediators, our family business mediators are degreed professionals who have worked for family businesses for over 30 years. They are not part time lawyers, part time judges or part time consultants. Whether it be large companies like Costco, entities like the federal government, or smaller companies like RPM Metals, or a local construction company, we design resolution systems that work.

Family business mediation is our specialty.  From large family businesses to small partnerships we focus on combining successful business plan models with communication and conflict  resolution techniques to resolve personal and professional differences.In order to promote diverse options, and to  gain different perspectives on various  American businesses  and best practices, we have also worked with other large and small companies, and government agencies.

Our philosophy is business direct system.  We immediately interact with the various  stakeholders, employees and owners. We will clearly identify the surface and underlying  issues. Next we develop PIPs, Professional Improvement Plans and produce strategic  results. We offer a 100% money back guarantee because our mediation services work. Our Family Business Mediation Model is fully integrated into your existing business systems.

Our guarantee proves that we  have the same commitment  that you do. To prove our commitment for your results  we put our name and our money on the line.

  • Serious Family Business Matters
  • Personal and Professional Resolutions
  • Best Ideas Win Solutions
  • Generational  Plans and Options
  •  Step by Step Transparent System
  • Strategic Future Planning
  • Retirement Options
  • Management and Staff Training
  • Key Personnel Improvement Techniques
  • Integrated Conflict Resolution
  • 30 Years of Success
  • US Government Approved
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


1 Simple Step For A Change

Family Business is hard enough. Making substantial  life changes are difficult. Realistically, making the first phone call, contact or sending a quick email is easy. It has no obligation or fee. If our mediation services and strategic plans are right for you, then you can continue. If we are not the best match then you can can  search for other providers. 

But, it is the first, free, simple step to change.

If you need to discuss your concerns, or want guaranteed  assistance for serious conflicts, generational transitions, or strategic planning issues.

Call Toll free 1.877.877.2111, for a free initial consultation and more information. If you prefer, send an email by clicking on:   mediation@familybusinessmediation.com.


Money Back Guarantee

Contact Us For Free Initial Consultation

With local offices all across America, our specialized Family Business Mediation Specialists will quickly schedule a free, no obligation consultation. Please simply Email or call 1.877.877.2111. We will always respond as quickly as possible, most times immediately. If our representatives  are very busy, we will always get back to you very shortly. Thank you very much for your interest in our firm.


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