Family Business Experience

First, we are a family business ourselves. We have been in business for over 30 years, with local statewide offices. We have degreed mediators, management experts, and actual family business owners  who have been through many similar experiences before. For your convenience, we also have local offices in every state.

To have a more  broad perspective, we also include outside neutrals who must be experts in both business and  in mediation. They have been actual  small family business owners who have worked in almost every industry. We also have accountants, attorneys, HR organizational experts,  strategic planners and other professionals available to help you and your firm.

Our focus covers  a wide range of  diverse small family businesses across all types of services and industries across America. We have  worked with  small businesses such  as  Dunkin' Donuts, RPM Metals,  family  construction, medical and legal firms, real estate, financial services,  restaurants, manufacturing, diverse service industries and trades people. In addition, our experience and training has also included working with companies as large as Costco, Walmart, and the United States Government, From grandparents to parents and further down the line, our integrated  families have been in family businesses for many decades and generations.

We  incorporate  state of the art current business  theories with  the latest real world practical knowledge  base to understand and resolve your personal and professional issues first hand.

We guarantee our work and combine these family business mediation systems  will an extensive training and educational programs to keep all of our mediators current  with the latests trends, techniques and management programs.



Mark Fallon is the Family Business Mediator of the month.

He has developed and worked in family business conflict resolution and strategic planning his entire career. His is the prime mover is the industry leading money back guarantee. His family experience  has included a vast array small businesses in many diverse fields. Some additional practice areas are  service and professional industries, training, construction, real estate, finance,  medical, legal, Human Resources, insurance,marketing, manufacturing and non profits.

His training and skills focus  difficult problem solving through creative determination, human interaction and collaborative input. He attended Fordham University and Harvard Law School's mediation program. His focus is on the underlying issues of what makes conflict happen and how it affects the ongoing business and the people who live it each and every day.

As a family business mediator, Mark Fallon  is able to clearly define and structure  the  cohesive plans for   the generations to  to prepare for  the inevitable  changes and transitions that every  every family business confronts. Mark's theoretical and practical hard work on the Best Ideas Win program has been a key aspect of its successful integration in family businesses all across the country.


                Our Family Business History

Some people might say that family business is in our blood others might say that it is our lifeline. Either way it is definitely our history. Our families have been involved in family businesses for four generations. It is both a very challenging and gratifying experience on many levels. Our great grand parents were farmers, like their parents. When they arrived in America they began to form their own businesses.

Their endeavors started with farming and merged into building trades to construction and then real estate. From there the family went on to negotiating union and management contracts with ATT to mediating business and family disputes. Over the decades, our families have been involved in various family businesses focusing on construction, medical facilities, legal and medical practices, insurance industries, manufacturing, union and management negotiations, restaurants, hospitality, banking, finance, accounting investments, consulting and many more.

We know first hand that the facts of keeping a family business together through the generations is a difficult assignment. Yet it is worth the trouble. Very often the owners or other family members view families businesses as an extension of the family or an entity unto themselves. This makes changes in management, improving business systems, passing control to the next generation,  or selling a business or unit even more difficult.

When a family business is loved and cared for will grow and thrive. Left to its own devices it will deteriorate over time. It needs new blood, different generations structure and supervision and extensive teamwork. Apart from the day to day operations, family businesses need a long-term personal and professional strategies, specific short-term goals, conflict resolution mechanisms and succession plans and a guarantee to make it happen.

That is we begin our task together of confronting family business challenges with a diverse set of skills of the family members at familybusinessmediationservices.com.

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